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Hydrotherapy Pool

We are the only Health Club in Limerick to offer a Hydotherapy Pool & Plunge Pool.
Being immersed, buoyant or massaged in water can relieve our bodies in a variety of different ways, and hydrotherapy can help with many physical and emotional complaints. Doctors often prescribe a course of hydrotherapy as part of a treatment programme. It is also used by athletes to improve and maintain their general health and fitness, and by others as part of a healthy whole-body routine.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy & Plunge Pool Include:

- Strengthens muscles
- Pain relief
- Increased mobility
- Stress reduction
- Cardiovascular Fitness
- Relaxation
- Reduce high blood pressure 
- Controlling weight
- Improves balance and co-ordination
- Helps prevent stiffness after exercise 
- Stimulates Circulation 
- Freedom of movement

The Hydrotherapy Pool is proven to ease: 
* back pain * rheumatic pain and arthritis * anxiety and stress *improve skin tone
* headaches * hip or other joint replacements (before and after the operations)
* muscle or ligament injuries; broken limbs * neurological conditions such as strokes or brain injuries

Ideal for post match team recovery or for those suffering from muscular ailments
For enquiries contact Kelly on 061 421800 or email