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Team Building

Fun Unique Productive Activities on our doorstep! Arrive as a Company Leave As a Team!

Team Building is quickly gaining popularity as it brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Limerick is full of fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. Located in the heart of Limerick City overlooking the River Shannon & city skyline, the 4*Limerick Strand have countless unique and exciting activities on our doorstep for corporate group team building. 

The Limerick Strand Hotel has partnered with Get West Limerick to offer you a wide range of fun, exciting & educational Team Building Options in Limerick 
Get West are located on the door step of the Limerick Strand Hotel a unique offering based in Limerick City. Get West offer innovative team building activities to excite, motivate and inspire people. Thier team building activities are ideal for enhancing work relationships as they get people working together, having fun and achieving success. Offering bespoke, fun, results driven team building events that provide a meaningful learning environment where teams can focus on the tasks and challenges they set, ranging from cooperative puzzles, to physical, competitive challenges.

Browse through our brochures below which will provide you with some inspiration on Team Building Days in Limerick!  
Our 5 full day package options include 1/2 day meeting, arrival refreshments, lunch & activity with Get West there available Catering for groups 12 - 250 people 

Smaller Groups (12-20 people) can enjoy Escape Limerick is a fun & challenging escape room experience in the heart of Limerick's Medieval Quarter. An escape room is a real-life physical puzzle game where you and your team are locked in a room for one hour. You need to interact with your surroundings and work together with your colleagues to crack clues and solve puzzles so that you figure out your escape before the 60 minutes are up! Each of our 3 escape rooms has its own unique theme which has been loosely based on a chapter of the city’s history from the 1200s right up to the 1900s. FIND OUT MORE 


Bridge The Gap  is a creative engineering based challenge. The group is split into teams with each team designing, planning and constructing their own bridge. Their designs will then be tested and re-tested through a series of challenges in order to establish their engineering prowess. 

Chain Reaction  is a focused, team building oriented event with the goal of targeting specific areas of employee development. The group is split into teams with each team designing, planning and constructing a one-of-a-kind machine to achieve a certain outcome based on a specific brief.

Minute To Win It  is a fun, team bonding oriented event. It is a company favourite with just the right amount of challenge and fun. It is a competitive event where teams battle against each other in a range of fun tasks and challenges using everyday items. It will have everyone laughing hysterically and testing their dexterity and sense of fun. 


Medieval Team Challenge at King Johns Castle 
In order to bring to life the spectacular castle surroundings, many fun & exciting team challenges are given a medieval twist in this highly interactive and inclusive package. 
This challenge is fantastic for getting people communicating and working together, thinking strategically and problem solving. FIND OUT MORE 

Limerick City Treasure Hunt - You and your team will be rushing through the city streets trying to find secret clues, all the while racing against the clock. Our app-based treasure hunt is very popular with corporate groups of all sizes and includes plenty of fun tasks and challenges. 

 The Archery Games -  Begins with icebreakers and hoverball archery. Tag Archery is a novel and exciting combat sport which is still relatively new to Ireland meaning most people haven’t tried it yet. Combining all of the fun of dodgeball and paintball, with none of the pain or mess, this is the perfect unique team activity.

 Pigtown Challenge at Limerick Milk Market  - Come take on our Pigtown Challenge at Limerick Milk Market. This is a challenging & competitive event where the group is split into teams before competing against each other in a range of physical and mental tasks set up at different stations. The chosen team challenges will maximise the available space and will be highly inclusive in nature. As a nod to the history of the venue and Limerick’s famous bacon industry (hence the title “Pigtown” Challenge), some of the fun & exciting team challenges will be given a novel twist.

Full Day & Evening Packages available from €49.00 per person dont forget to ask about our Party Animal Evening  BBQ Options! 

For more information or a detailed quote please contact our
events team who will be happy to send you more information or 061 421800