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About Us

The Limerick Strand Hotel opened its doors in May 2007, located on O’Callaghan Strand in the heart of Limerick City Centre. The hotel site has been home to the hospitality trade for over 50 years, with a Jury’s Hotel once sitting on the site for over 40 years. In 2006 demolition of the old Jury’s hoteltook place and the new foundations were set for the €50 million, 7 story, ultra modern hotel, that is now the Limerick Strand Hotel. 
The day to day running of the Limerick Strand Hotel is overseen by our General Manager, Stefan Lundstrom who is often found discussing the issues of the day over a cup of coffee with our guests. Many of our team members at the Limerick Strand Hotel are from Limerick and its surrounding towns; others have been captivated by the charm of life in Limerick City and have decided to call it home.